#169 – Won’t Work For Us

The challenge that many companies in, especially, the financial industry face today is that their DevOps movements are being impeded by their own usage of legacy technology. Technical challenges, however, can always be overcome, but what is really halting the progress is the fixed mindset of some of the super specialists who firmly believe that nothing from DevOps can help them at all.

A way of overcoming this challenge is by having technical DevOps coaches show, and not just tell, how to enable, e.g., early testing and automation in the particular legacy technology. Have them find the tools and practices that work with your oldschool programming languages and architecture, and urge the Developers to become champions in DevOps-enabling, e.g., a mainframe-based applications.

By the way, resistance to change doesn’t have anything to do with how old you are (unless your reason to resist change is an upcoming pensioning), so don’t take our depiction here too literally.