#168 – Call It DevOps

The Agile Manifesto was written by 17 software developers back in 2001, but now, it seems that agile has become more about changing the processes and making life more difficult for Developers rather than improving their lives and technical practices. It’s as if we’ve forgotten that the most important people in product development are the Developers because they actually create the Increments that deliver value to users, customers and communities. So, why is agile not more about Developers and less about Management, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owners?

Luckily, DevOps came along, so let’s use DevOps (which is, basically, agile combined with the needed tools, metrics and technical mindset to actually be agile) to revamp developers’ understanding of agile and get back their buy-in. Let’s rebrand agile as something we do to help Developers by focusing on the technical aspects and practices such as automation, instrumentation, continuous delivery, etc. DevOps is a means to deliver more valuable products and having fun doing it, just like agile–and, hopefully, we can all agree on that.