About the authors

Mikkel Noe-Nygaard holds an MA in Architecture with a background in sustainable buildings and a speciality in Communications Design, but has always been working with user experience in software. Mikkel designs both hyper-complex cloud-based expert tools and simple mobile applications with the same pride, and always puts the user first in aesthetic, efficient solutions. After 20 years of software enterprise experience, spanning diverse areas such as public health care and insurance, pension fund investments, tax and property registration and, at the time of writing, sustainable energy at Vestas, Mikkel has found a second calling as a cartoonist!.

Fun fact: Mikkel is a multiple times Danish Champion in underwater photography (@pressurepixels) and has participated in the sinking of a 55 metres long 220 tons ferry in order to make it an artificial reef.

Luxshan Ratnaravi holds an M.Sc. in Software Engineering and is an independent Agile Coach. His mission is to help more people use humor actively address what really happens when the good intentions of agile meet the harsh reality of organizational contexts–and making it work.

Having held jobs as Sales Engineer, IT Business Analyst, Product Owner, Release Train Engineer and Agile Coach, Luxshan relentlessly challenges organizations and consultants to cut the agile BS, to use humor more actively to address shortcomings, and to balance being pragmatic and idealistic based on what the context calls for.

Fun fact: Luxshan has freestyle battle rapped in front of 10,000 people at Roskilde Festival and founded a league for pre-written rap battles in Danish.


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