#11 – Team Problems

Authors’ comments:

Don’t use the fact that your team is probably currently dispersed, like the most of the world is, as an excuse for lackluster team work.
In these times where nobody can meet physically, it’s more important than ever to maintain and further develop the team spirit in agile teams. And it is possible with the right online tools like Miro, Zoom, Slack, Teams, Skype and what not. However, having the right online tools is just half of the answer; practicing “dispersed togetherness” is (most of) the other half.

Ways to do this include having constantly open communication channels during work hours for all team members for simulating sitting together, arranging frequent virtual games sessions for lifting the team spirit and having fun together, and planning online water cooler chats with specific colleagues in order to maintain these valuable ad-hoc talks and networking opportunities. So, if you’re a Scrum Master or an Agile Coach, now is the time to really step up, so you can help your team(s) grow even in these difficult times.