#120 – Self-Management

In the 2020 edition of the Scrum Guide, the Scrum Team went from being just self-organizing (deciding on the how) to self-managing (deciding on who does what, when and how). This increase in the level of autonomy gives the Scrum Team more freedom, but also comes with a responsibility to continuously inspect and adapt at the respective Scrum events so they take the right decisions based on facts, experience and evidence (i.e, empiricism) by creating transparency.

Also, Developers shouldn’t fear that they won’t have time to code because they’re forced to participate in all sorts of meetings besides the Scrum events. As a Scrum Master or Product Owner, shield the Developers by helping people outside the Scrum Team understand that Developers don’t have to participate in non-Scrum events or activities, as they rarely contribute to improving the quality of the product.