#177 – Involving the Scrum Masters

The Scrum Master is a true leader who serves the Scrum Team and the larger organization by, e.g., causing the removal of impediments to the Scrum Team’s progress, the Scrum Guide states—and reorganizations are inevitable impediments. More and more Managers are starting to understand that the Scrum Master should be involved before making any changes to the team. However, they’re generally involved way too late.

Let’s teach our Managers that Scrum Masters are Agile Coaches; someone who can contribute to not only implementing reorganizations, but also to designing it by answering the why, how and what of reorganizing. Especially in regards to systemic impediments, such as competency-based dependencies where several Scrum Teams might be affected by, is something that Scrum Masters feel the consequence of on a daily basis, so they’ll not only have the drive to address it, but also insights on how to fix it optimally.