#178 – Feature Adoption

As mentioned in Strip 134 – Benefit Realization, one way of ensuring that you, as a Scrum Team, increase your focus on users adopting your PBIs is by adding to the Definition of Done that an Increment isn’t done before (a certain percentage of) the users start using it–if the team can, actually, do something about it. If not, it’ll just be frustrating and become an impediment that you’ll be waiting for until the end users are actually ready.

However, you can focus as much as you want on adoption, but if the reason for your deliveries not being used by your users is that you made the wrong stuff, it won’t help. If the ordering of the Product Backlog wasn’t done in alignment with end users, but, instead, mandated by internal stakeholders who’re out of touch with the real world, your deliveries will end up sitting on the shelf. So, as a Product Owner, make sure to exercise your accountability to maximize the value-add of your product by letting users drive the scope–it’ll inevitably lead to a higher adoption rate.