#195 – Event Storming

The purpose of Event Storming, the brainchild of Alberto Brandolini and rooted in Domain-Driven Design, is to create a shared understanding of the domain model (i.e., the representation of the real-world context that we want to deliver value to) and its potential issues and solutions. By taking a simplified approach through a single workshop with the Scrum Team and business representatives, the group creates an overview of the business processes that’ll be supported through future PBIs so the product ends up matching the domain.

When facilitating an Event Storming workshop, remember to make the legend (i.e., coloring of post-its) very clear and understandable for everyone. If you don’t, especially people new to the technique will lose their overview and feel like being in the middle of an actual storm. Also, keep the group focused by steering opinionated and domain-wise knowledgeable participants back on track if they start talking too much about edge cases–but do still have lots of wall space.