#51 – The Scrum Guide

Authors’ Comments:

On wednesday, the latest version of the Scrum Guide is out. This is our tribute.

Here, we’re trying to illustrate the potentially paradoxical predicament that some agilists use the Scrum guide as a definitive requirements list and don’t want to deviate from it when pragmatism is required.

According to the Scrum Guide (sic!), the Scrum Guide, maintained by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, contains the definition of Scrum. So, if you have any doubts on Scrum specifics, this is where you can look up the official description of Scrum.

However, it is deliberately not a precise prescription on how you should adopt Scrum in your organization. For that, you can rely on the experience of consultants or ask one of the millions of agile practitioners in one of the many agile communities around the world. The Scrum Guide is more of a… Guide.