#19 – The Agile Evangelist

Authors’ comments:

Who hasn’t met the agile evangelist who blindly believes that agile ways of working will save the world? What we must remember is that there is a fine balance between agile ideology and down-to-earth pragmatism; the former is needed to continuously improve our ways of working and move the organisation and teams in the right direction, while the latter is the key to actually apply new (agile) practices and make them work.

Let’s keep remembering that “agile” is just one way of improving our organisations and teams and increasing the value-add. In some contexts, focusing on becoming really good at PRINCE2 or ITIL might be the right approach, so let’s remember to elevate ourselves from “just” being Agile Coaches to being Organizational Coaches with agile practices just being one of our many tools, and remember to remind ourselves that agile is not always the answer to all problems.