#146 – Many Meetings

If we aggregate the number of non-agile meetings, such as reporting meetings on remaining budgets and the current status, with the number of the Scrum events (and scaled agile meetings), it does amount to quite a number of sessions. Going agile will give you more meetings, especially if you don’t stop having the project meetings. But, at least, only involve the Developers in the meetings that are relevant to them, such as the Scrum events.

The purpose of the Scrum events is to make sure that the value delivered by the investment made in the product development effort is maximized. These events are opportunities to enable empiricism, which means that we inspect and adapt the Scrum artifacts, namely the Product Backlog, the Sprint Backlog and the Increment, as well as the Scrum Team’s quality and effectiveness. All this is, indeed, relevant to Developers, but often not for Managers.