#161 – Internal vs. External Agile Coach

What better indicator of AgileBS Consulting’s experience and value-add than their, often, insanely high hourly rate? With those prices, they must know more than our own internal Agile Coaches, right? Well, not always.

It’s vital that Management understands the ‘why’ of scaling agile before they start looking for an agile consultancy—often, decisions are taken based on symptoms instead of the root causes. If Management wants to get better at managing their cross-organizational dependencies and enable flow across silos, PI Planning can definitely help with that—but skilled Agile Coaches, internal or external, guide Management to invest in removing the dependencies (e.g., by reorganizing, rearchitecting, redefining products, building competencies across teams, etc.), so there’s no need to manage the dependencies and, thus, no need for the overhead of scaling.