#38 – DevOps

Authors’ Comments:

DevOps is a way of thinking and acting focused on bringing the disciplines of development and operations together in the same team or team of teams. By using the right tools and technology, DevOps supports transitioning the software from development to production, as well as a direct feedback loops with the end-users or automated performance monitoring tools discovering bugs that are communicated back to the team. The idea is that the people who developed the application are also the ones with the knowledge to quickly fix potential problems in it.

It’s a myth, however, that the DevOps team must also be acting as first-level supporters. If you’re part of a bigger organization, you might already have first-level support functions scattered around the world in order to offer 24/7 support to your users, and even though you go the DevOps way, you can and should still leverage on the skills within support and communication that these support functions usually have. Just make sure that the DevOps team are in close contact with them and act as second-level support while continuously educating the first-level support on using the new monitoring tools as well.