#52 – Agile MeetUp

Authors’ Comments:

If you’re an agile practitioner, chances are big that you’re involved in one or more physical or virtual agile communities to learn from others’ experiences, such as Meetups, Slack channels, coaching circles, company visits, etc.

Sometimes, our fear of the nature of the community can inhibit us from learning a lot by participating. We might worry that the community is hosted by a consultancy company with the real intention being branding of themselves to potential customers, that the community mainly consist of freelance consultants looking for work, etc.

In our experience, it works very well with a mix of participants with both internal and external roles, as long as the purpose of the community or event is clear, such as co-creating new ways of solving a given, common problem. If a specific community doesn’t have a clear purpose, try asking the organizers to phrase one together with the participants. This will hopefully illuminate any “evil” intentions.