Beyond Budgeting in practice

Let’s kick out the budget!

The masterclass will provide participants with a thorough and practical understanding of Beyond Budgeting and  includes a number of exercises which supplements the theory and practice of Beyond Budgeting, including how the model can be applied in your own organisation.

Masterclass details

This masterclass will address how an entire organization can be run in an agile way, where people and interactions are more valued than processes and tools, and where responding to change is more important than following a plan. You will get unique insights into Business Agility in practice, both from a managerial, financial and human perspective.

You will benefit from Bjarte Bogsnes’ extensive experience. He has helped companies all over the world getting started on a Beyond Budgeting journey, including his former employer Equinor (Statoil) – where the budget (and much more) was kicked out. This and many other great case stories and practical examples will be shared.

Learn how to trust and empower without losing control, and how to redefine performance – with dynamic and relative targets (or no targets at all) and a holistic performance evaluation. Understand how dynamic forecasting and resource allocation works, and also other examples of self-regulating management mechanisms, including transparency. Bjarte will also share insights into KPI and OKR pitfalls, and bonus problems.

Learn from the fringes! Understand how management innovation can provide just as much competitive advantage as technology and product innovation! And last but not least, understand why there can be no true agile transformation without Beyond Budgeting.


  • 25 years of Beyond Budgeting – how it all started
  • Beyond Budgeting – the adaptive management model. “Performance. The Right Way”:
  • Companies on the journey around the world; great case stories of how they operate
  • The Borealis story – going Beyond Budgeting before Beyond Budgeting
  • The Equinor (formerly Statoil) l story – the “Ambition to Action” model:
  • Redefining performance – dynamic and relative targets and a holistic performance evaluation
  • Dynamic forecasting and resource allocation and no traditional budgets
  • From calendar-driven to event-driven
  • Holistic performance evaluation
  • Beyond Budgeting in the public sector
  • KPI and OKR pitfalls
  • Agile and Beyond Budgeting – similarities and differences
  • Why no Agile transformation without Beyond Budgeting
  • Implementation experiences and advice
  • The business model canvas – the brand new Viable Map
  • Beyond Budgeting and the major consulting firms
  • Does Beyond Budgeting work? Fresh survey data
  • The Beyond Budgeting Roundtable

The masterclass will also provide participants with a thorough and practical understanding of how cost can be managed in much better ways and how funding works in a Beyond Budgeting world.


Bjarte Bogsnes has a long international career, both in Finance and HR. He is a pioneer in the Beyond Budgeting movement and helped numerous companies globally getting started on a Beyond Budgeting journey.

Bjarte is Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Roundtable (BBRT).  He is a popular international business speaker and Beyond Budgeting coach, and a winner of a Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Management Innovation award. Bjarte is the author of “Implementing Beyond Budgeting – Unlocking the Performance Potential“, where he writes about his almost thirty years long Beyond Budgeting journey.  His new book “This is Beyond Budgeting – A Guide to more Adaptive and Human Organizations” with a foreword by Gary Hamel is just out.

Bjarte is available for speaking engagements and select consulting work through Bogsnes Advisory.


  • Bjarte is an extremely competent lecturer, very good at involving and engaging!
  • Inspiring! Very useful!
  • Very experienced lecturer with deep competence on Beyond Budgeting.

― From the masterclass in Oslo in April 2024

For the book “This is Beyond Budgeting – A Guide to More Adaptive and Human Organizations“:

The budgeting process and mindset is behind so many soul-destroying evils in organizations it is astonishing that it has been so persistent. There is a better way. Bjarte Bogsnes’ new book is the antidote you have been looking for. It isn’t undisciplined, expensive, or hard, and it can unlock a whole new vector of effective management for you. He has proven Beyond Budgeting works with organizations big and small over many years. I’m a big believer – read this book and you will be too!

― Rita McGrath, Professor, Columbia Business School

Bjarte is one of those rare individuals who has lived the life of an executive in a large corporate, realised its limitations, and made radical changes stick. He has done so with an open mind and open heart, creating methods and tools of critical importance to our increasingly uncertain and complex world.

― Dave Snowden, Founder The Cynefin Centre

I have met thousands of business executives over the years, and none of them has a good word to say about budgeting―it is slow, burdensome, and short-sighted. This book provides the antidote―Beyond Budgeting―by one of the pioneers of the concept and perhaps its most experienced practitioner. Don’t just read the book―make sure to put this into practice in your own company.

― Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

Bjarte Bogsnes has been a fixture as a speaker at management conferences for many years now, passionately making the case for more adaptive and human organizations, better fitted to the demands of our turbulent world, and the aspirations of today’s employees. If you have not had the pleasure of listening to him, this book is the next best thing―a distillation of his thoughts and insights into this incredibly important topic.

― Jos de Blok, CEO and founder, Buurtzorg

Target audience
Managers, compony leaders, agile practitioners, middle managers, team leaders, agile coaches, product managers, consultants

2 days

Masterclass: this format will include elements of lecture (sharing knowledge and ideas), workshop and discussion, and facilitated exercises to experience methods and put principles into practice.


Practical Information

  • Date: November 25 and 26, from 9:00 to 16:00
  • Place: Nordea, Grønjordsvej 10, 2300 Copenhagen
  • Price: 12,995 DKK (app. 1,740 EUR) ex. VAT
  • For any inquiries, please write to us here

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