Agile Product Leadership

A two-day course for product people

This two-day course is for product people (Product Owners, Product Managers and supporting roles) wanting to elevate their product game.

Course topics

Day 1:

  • Agile Product Ownership
  • Value Streams and products
  • Identification of Business Pains and Opportunities
  • Product Vision and Roadmap aligned with OKRs
  • Story Mapping and Feature Slicing Strategies
  • Product Goals and Sprint Goals

Day 2:

  • Prioritisation Mechanisms
  • Stakeholder Management & Community Building
  • Product Ownership in a scaled setting
  • Delegation of Accountability
  • Product Leadership in a Dual Operating System
  • How to measure and increase adoption

Learning Objectives

After this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Articulate how an agile value delivery approach manages uncertainty, mitigates risks and creates alignment across organisational silos.
  • List the stances and anti-stances of the Product Owner.
  • Describe how to plan and forecast when working agile.
  • Use practices from consultative selling to identify stakeholder needs.
  • Articulate a compelling product vision in alignment with the Value Stream
  • Create a goal-oriented product roadmap in alignment with enterprise OKRs.
  • Break down a product roadmap into Features and Enablers – and Product Goals and Sprint Goals.
  • Apply 10 different strategies to slice Features.
  • Use Story Mapping to create a holistic view of how the product is (to be) used.
  • Prioritise the Product Backlog through different prioritisation mechanisms such as WSJF or RICE.
  • Build a community of stakeholders for transparently prioritising (competing) requests.
  • Manage different types of stakeholders through tools such as the Interest-Benefit Matrix.
  • Describe the Product Owner accountability when working in a scaled agile setup.
  • Articulate the accountability of a higher-level Product Owner (such as the SAFe Product Manager or LeSS Product Owner).
  • Apply Delegation Poker to split the accountability between the PO and other overlapping roles such as Line Managers and Project Managers.
  • Navigate an organisation that runs a Dual Operating System (being both project-driven).
  • Measure and increase adoption of product features

About the course instructor

Luxshan Ratnaravi, M.Sc. in Software Engineering and writer of Comic Agile, has spent the last 14 years working as and supporting the Product Owner role in agile settings and is now an independent trainer, speaker, and consultant. Having worked in industries such as insurance, pension, renewable energy and fintech, Luxshan understands how important it is to take a context-specific approach to the PO accountability in order to maximise the team’s value delivery.

This, combined with Luxshan’s vast experience in agile practices and as Agile Coach, makes his Agile Product Leadership course highly professional, concrete and concise, and is of course delivered with the usual humorous and entertaining no-BS style known from his Comic Agilé talks and workshops.

We only offer this course as an internal company-specific course. If you’re interested, please contact us.