#192 – You Need DevOps

Let’s apply some nuance to our words from Strip 169 – Won’t Work for Us; teams could, of course, have valid reasons for not immediately jumping aboard the DevOps wagon, such as having to finish ongoing improvements to their ways of working, meet an upcoming delivery deadline, or experiment with new approaches to reduce their Technical Debt.

If your excuse to not go the DevOps route is because you’d rather focus on your Technical Debt, remember that DevOps can actually help you reduce it (though it’s not a cure); by relentlessly automating as much as possible, such as testing, and using a CI/CD pipeline, DevOps frees up much of Developers’ time to focus on reducing Technical Debt. Furthermore, by sharing the activities of performing tests, building containers, compiling code and deploying to environments across teams, organizations can build a common language for discussing technical activities and issues, such as quantifying, visualizing, managing and removing Technical Debt.