#185 – The Evangelist Agile Coach

As Agile Coaches, we’re often told to not be too ideological. ‘You should be pragmatic’, they say—who can disagree with that? Rightfully, nobody wants to pay for crazy ideas that cannot be applied in a specific organizational context. 

However, if Agile Coaches aren’t also a tiny bit ideological, it’ll be difficult to find the drive to move our organization to a better place, as there’s going to be a lot of resistance because of the fundamental changes that might be required. 

Also, if we’re not knowledgeable about the better ways that are out there—no matter how unrealistic these ways might seem right now—and if we don’t actually believe in them—then, it’ll be difficult to make any difference at all, as everyone will be looking at us for help. 

Therefore, our message to Agile Coaches is to set your inner ideologist free without being evangelistic or pedantic. It’s all about being attentive to which agile practices that’ll make the agile principles live and flourish in your organizational context—and listen.