#41 – Scrum Patterns

Authors’ Comments:

If the Scrum Guide is the rulebook for playing chess, the Scrum Patterns is a collection of game strategies. This is how PST Karel Smutný describes the Scrum Patterns which have recently been released in the form of a book titled “A Scrum Book: The Spirit of the Game”, written by more than 20 Scrum Professionals such as Jeff Sutherland and James Coplien.

In general, Scrum Patterns boil together the experience of many Scrum experts who’ve adopted Scrum in numerous companies and various environments. Therefore, the patterns provide guidance to both new and experienced Scrum Masters and practitioners on where to focus to get the most value from improvements.

We highly recommend picking up the book, but don’t read it from the beginning to the end. Rather, use it as a reference work depending on where you and your team are on your Scrum journey.