#115 – LeSS

We like the approach that the Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) framework takes to (de)scaling agile, where the Scrum teams center their efforts around the product, its backlog and the PO. If a large-scale product development is to be undertaken in LeSS, the only “overhead” added is a couple of alignment events and the Area Product Owner, who is responsible for an area of the product.

The key to succeeding with LeSS (Huge) is doing proper upfront Systems Modeling and Product (Area) Definitions. Even though it can be a bit unrealistic to make very broad product definitions and end-to-end Feature Teams that can work on any part of that product (area) as LeSS aims for, it is possible to a certain degree if the teams’ Cognitive Load and developer competencies are taken into consideration. 

So, no, LeSS is not useless, but it’ll require you to invest in making it work, because it’ll rightfully shake up the way you approach your product development.